Smithaa M Chaturvedi

The Ever-smiling Lady

When the going gets tough… the tough gets going. And Smithaa is the perfect example of that. Each time life threw her a challenge, she stood up tough and emerged a true winner.

Science and spirituality have always been the two eyes I saw the world with. I was always a tomboy who was a topper and merit list holder.

I started my career as a lecturer at the age of 22 in one of the most prestigious colleges of Mumbai. Life changed for me when I got married at the age of 24. Things did not turn out the way I expected them to be. After 12 years, I finally gathered enough strength to change my life.

All alone, I started my life all over again in Mumbai. I did call centre jobs at night and built my business of promotional gifts in the day. I have worked in many known and famous multinational companies. Later on, I went on to become an entrepreneur and started my own business of promotional gifts that I supplied to corporate clients through the company, ‘Savvy Effects’.

A Master’s Degree in Zoology acquainted me with the workings of physical bodies, and interactions with spiritual masters led to my understanding of higher realms. The subtle connection between the two is a continuous source of fascination for me. This fascination is the reason for my absorption of any knowledge that the almighty chooses for me.

But I believe God/Universe has been very kind to me, as I always found helping and supportive friends and today I have everything I need.

All the struggle and challenges made me go deep within to understand what life is. It has helped me grow as a person and realize my strengths which I didn’t know existed. I realized every problem comes to teach us a lesson of life and gives us a gift in return.

Though there are many challenges a single divorced woman faces in this world, I feel the biggest challenge is to change your own limiting beliefs and guilty feelings.

My soul calling moved me completely towards spreading spirituality and I founded “Divine Vibrations”. I am a certified Reiki Master, since almost 20 years. I also have a group called “Urban Spirituality” which teaches people to integrate spirituality in the Urban lifestyle.

In between all this, I also found the time to follow my passion for dancing and started learning Kathak at the age of 43. I also trained in many western dance forms and am also an adventure sports enthusiast. I also write poems and blogs.

I have been recently interviewed by Radio One as a ‘Women of Strength’ and ‘We Are the City for Inspirational Women’. I have also received prestigious awards like The Women of Worthiness award for Reiki and life coaching and ISHMA global award for Clairvoyance and Shamanic healing. Today, I have clients all over India and in many other countries too.
I also like to be involved in a lot of charity and philanthropy, giving time and resources to the underprivileged.

I further wish to take this forward by encouraging people to live a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle. I have done intensive research on our old Vedic culture that existed in India before and realized the scientific and ecological benefits of our rituals and traditions.

I am working on building a Vedic wellness centre. Through this wellness centre I wish to:
- Protect deterioration of Mother Earth and reinstate ecological balance (at least to what little extent I can)
- Grow more trees, fruits and vegetables, organically
- Improve the lifestyle of people and encourage healthy living habits
- Create a home for destitute women

The world is more good than bad and there is definitely more love than hatred in the world. I just wish I can reach and help more and more people to step out of their limitations and realize the divine beings that they are.

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