Mrs. Rajkumari Sharma

More than a Woman

Rajkumari was a simple and kind woman who worked hard on the farm as well as looked after her family of 15 members. Due to a tragic accident, she adopted four of her brother-in-law’s children, whom she treated equally. Having faced a lot of discrimination in society, she stood strong and is a beacon of grace, strength and diligence.

Hi,I am Pinki Agrawal from Agra. Although I have heard many stories of great women who inspire others but here I would like to narrate the story of a woman who played a very inspiring role in my life. This remarkable woman is my mother-in-law, Mrs. Rajkumari Sharma. She epitomizes sacrifice in every movement of her life to get things done for others. At the same time she had the strength to face social arrows as well as her family’s ups and downs.
In the 1970s,she got married to my father-in-law in a very small village of Aligarh district. She was very happy at that movement, as everything was pleasant. After one year of marriage she was blessed with a baby boy. Everyone was very happy but that was the last day of happiness in her life as she lost her child just after four days of his birth due to lack of medical facilities at the village.

One year later after her child’s death she was blessed with a girl child but everyone was not happy about it at that time. This was the time when she started facing social discrimination. No one gave any importance to a girl child except for her. After sometime she was expecting another baby. Everyone was excited about it but this excitement did not last long as she gave birth to another girl child. The next year,she gave birth to yet another girl child. Now, she was the mother of three girls.

She had to cook three times a day to feed the entire family comprising of fifteen members. At the same time she had to look after her three girls and work on the farm. She showed great mental as well as physical strength. After some time,with grace of god she was blessed with a boy child.

In the 1990s, her family comprised of 11 members i.e. two boys, four girls, one brother, a father & mother-in-law, her husband,and herself. She had to look after everyone. Although she was not literate she managed to read and write well in Hindi and English in order to ensure her children’s educational progress.

After sometime her brother-in-law died along with his wife in a tragic accident. They left four children behind comprising of two boys and two girls. No one was willing to accept these children, not even their own near and dear ones. Finally, my mother-in-law decided to take them with her. Now her family consisted of 15 members in total. Due to financial trouble she was forced to compromise on her own child’s high educational level as she treated these four children equally.

She showed great strength, grace and dignity while taking care of all her family members. She has never demanded a single thing for herself in her whole life except for her family’s welfare. Now in 2017, all her six girls are married into well educated families. One girl is preparing for IAS. All the four boys are well settled. My husband is her youngest child and is in the Indian Air Force.

This was all possible only due to my mother-in-law’s hard work and dignity. All her children are post graduates who are contributing socially and financially to the country. So, this was a real and true motivational story that inspired me a lot at every level of my life. I hope it inspires others too.

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