Rashmi Bajpai

The one who dared to dream big

Rashmi has come a long way from being a small-town girl who hadn't seen a computer, to becoming a prominent IT professional working for an international bank.

From a small village in Chhattisgarh which was not visible even via google maps until recently, to different continents, I have come a long way to defy all odds and become the first girl to finish engineering from my village.

There might be many more paths to follow but the one I took up brought me this far!
As a kid I was an explorer. I would start from home in the morning on a summer vacation only to search for the garden of white roses that I saw somewhere far away on my way to school .I did find it! My father is a school teacher and my mother a home maker. I am the eldest child of the family and have 2 younger siblings . Although I got guidance from my uncle and decided to pursue my interest in Mathematics while everybody else wanted me to take some other subject in high school .Simply because I scored less marks in mathematics during the 10th boards. I refused to give up my love for mathematics, studied hard and completed my engineering in computer science with honors.

Before taking up that course I didn't know what a computer looked like!
Now I have got 12 years of experience in the IT industry and have a full time job in one of the reputed international Banks. I have travelled around the globe and built a reputation amongst the people I have worked with. I am a mother of a 2 years old and love spending time with him. Trying to find a balance is hard but then the easiest things are not to be aimed for!

I love writing and have also joined a public speaking club to polish my inner voice, finding new creative avenues is what I have always aimed for! I love watching cricket, tennis & football. I played in an IT basketball tournament too. I like the competitive spirit and kick I get through sports. My profession and interest may seem in total contrast but not all who wander are lost!

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