Nikita Gupta

The youngest author from Himachal Pradesh

Nikita always wanted to write and finally when she began to put pen on paper, there were many obstacles she had to encounter. But now that the ink has begun to flow, she was determined not to stop it. Her first book was a reward of that determination.

To start with, I am Nikita Gupta, a 15-year-old teenager living a life of an ordinary girl who hails from a small town. But now, people don't find me ordinary. They instead identify me as the ‘Youngest Author from Himachal Pradesh’. The title that I have been awarded after a whole lot of struggle, the title that I have been awarded after I have written my first novel, 'We are imperfectly perfect'.

The writing journey was linked to extreme hard work of one year. The journey began when I was a little girl in the 6th standard who loved to read and create stories. Whenever I used to read a book or watch a movie, I created a unique story in my mind… taking things differently. Penning my ideas down was an option that encountered my mind many times but the lack of platform was always discouraging. Time flew by, leading to many ideas that were still stuck up in my mind until I ended up coming across this app called 'Wattpad'. Through this platform, I started to write my very own debut book, 'We are imperfectly perfect'. At first, I talked about this to my family. But being in 10th was the issue as 10th is considered one of the most important classes. I saw criticism coming my way but instead of being demotivated by it, I chose to take it as a challenge. I somehow managed to get their approval after promising that I won't let my passion mix with my studies.

After getting their approval, I started to write and ended up the story after one year. By the time I ended, my book had crossed 2 lakhs, 50 thousand plus readers. It received an ‘Amazing Award’ under ‘People's Choice’ category and it was ranked under top 10 books all over Wattpad by the official Wattpad team.

Maintaining a stable connection between writing and studying was proving out to be hard. But it was completely worth it at the end. The amazing reviews, likes and appreciations made it palpable that my consistency and effort was paying off. Notion Press contacted us and took it in their hands to publish my book and after some months my book came out as a published version. The feeling was overwhelming and the journey throughout is something I can't put to words. Now, I am also coming out as a motivational speaker and I have my talk shows in 25 universities where I'll be inspiring the youth. Also, I have been writing blogs.

Apart from this, I have been submitting my works in anthologies. Recently, out of thousands of entries, my entry was taken up among top 25 entries and was published in the book, 'Salad Days- A Saunter,' which has been sent to 148 international libraries and 12 Indian libraries. It was held by Poetry World Organization, Chennai.

I am a State award winner, featured and honoured at 'The Bollywood Faces' in Delhi. The famous Marwaha Studio nominated me for the upcoming awards in September. I was interviewed by Radio Noida, Big FM, Doordarshan Shimla, News 18 and many more. I have been covered by print media as well like Divya Himachal, Amar Ujala, The Tribune, Punjab Kesari and many more.

My journey and talent is not just limited till here but is shifting to international level as well by being interviewed by international magazines from London and US.

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