Pooja Pal

The One Who Followed Her Dreams

Pooja wanted to be a Fashion Designer since a very young age. Although situations led her to go down a different path, she never gave up on her dream.

Since childhood, I was keenly interested in fashion designing, but my father suggested that I should pursue Engineering instead of pursuing my studies in Fashion Technology. Since I belong to a middle class family, it was not possible for my family to support me in this field. I eventually became a software developer in a famous multinational company, but the dreams which I had dreamt were yet on my ’to do’ list.

Alongside my job, I did a part time course in Fashion Designing, which was the first milestone for me, and I successfully accomplished it. With the support of my parents and in-laws, I was able to showcase my creative side. I had my very first exhibition in my ex-organisation, and got a very good response. This was the second milestone for me, and I was really very happy to see people wearing my designs.

Since then, I’ve never looked back, I’ve painted the best I could. Now, I have started a small business and with my first income from my source of interest, I have opened up an account with ICICI Bank. Somehow ICICI Bank is a part of my dream come true. Today, I am proud to be a self-made woman. I’m ready to show the world that where dedication and interest go hand in hand, nobody can stop you from climbing the ladder of success.

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