Tora Khasgir

A True Visionary

Tora Khasgir has devoted her life to bringing about a change in society, be it through shattering gender stereotypes, or making the world a better place to live in. This tomboy-turned-Asia’s best model also works towards empowering women and children, refusing to be called the “weaker sex”.

“From the long jump pit with spiked shoes, to the NCC army uniform, and later, high heels and business attire,” is how Tora Khasgir defines her life’s journey in one sentence. This is a woman who creates far-reaching ripples in every role she plays.

For all intents and purposes, Tora was a tomboy, often wearing her father’s shorts and trousers while growing up. The proverbial “damsel in distress” was a label she tried her best to steer clear of. And if you think such a woman wouldn’t do well in a field like modelling, think again. Once older, she took up modelling assignments and even came to be recognised as the ‘Best Asian Model in the World’.

Tora never perceived herself as a part of the “weaker sex”. She wanted to make other women feel equally empowered. ‘Gaia, Mother Earth’, an organisation run by her, focuses on uplifting and bringing opportunities to women and children. It does so by giving them access to education and basic utilities, as also helping them deal with domestic violence. Her guidance is given on a one-on-one, highly specialised basis, unlike most NGOs that work on issues as a whole.

Through this venture, Tora also brings fulfilment to her green side. Working alongside her husband for this, her latest efforts have been directed towards renewable energy. What Tora wants most in life is to create a better environment for the future generations to live in. And as a mother to three children, you can see what drives her to fulfil this ambition!

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