Radhabai Satish Ahire

From Adversity to Prosperity

Determined not to be bogged down by the poverty that stared her in the face after her husband’s death, Radhabai decided to start a new life for herself and her sons. Not only did she provide them with a good education but she also managed to start her own business and is now the proud owner of a bungalow.

This is the story of my life after marriage. I married Satish Ahire and we lived in Nashik.
We were blessed with two sons. Life was really happy. Then adversity struck. My husband passed away in an accident in the year 2009. At that time, my elder son was studying in standard 10 and my younger one, in standard 8. My husband had been earning a livelihood as an auto driver. Hence, at the time of his death, we didn't have any insurance policy and no savings. We were in a bad financial situation.

It took us time and effort to get out of the shock we had received. I realized that I alone would have to support my sons. I told my sons of my dream to see them highly educated. But to make this dream a reality, it was really necessary for me to start working to earn for my sons.

I decided to start a small business of sarees in my house. I worked very hard, day and night to ensure I got a good sale for them. I have always believed that if God closes one door, he surely opens another. God was with me. Gradually, my sales kept on increasing. With my hard work, I was able to support both my both sons and they completed their education.

Eight years have passed by. My elder son is a Mechanical Engineer, working in a good organization. My younger son is in the last year of his Civil Engineering Course. Apart from this, I purchased a bungalow worth Rs. 35 lakhs last year. This is all due to God’s blessing and my hard work. Now, my shop is quite well-known and my business is thriving.

This is the story of my struggle in life. But I can assure you of the truth in the saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

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