Sonam Jain

Earning from my passion

Sonam is determined to prove to everyone that anything could be achieved through hard work. A freelance writer, today, she is ready to set up a venture of her own in near future.

Like every single daughter, she was pampered by her entire paternal and maternal families. She was the first girl in three generations of the family. Thus, she was raised like a princess. She was six months old when her parents decided to leave her with her grandmother and uncles in Dhamnod (a village in Dhar district of MP) due to a job shift. From being a six months old baby to a student of the sixth standard, she was away from her parents. She studied from first to the fourth standard in English medium private school and for her fifth standard she was lovingly taken by her uncle to Lonara a village in Khargone district of MP and was admitted in Hindi medium government school. She was a topper in fifth standard board exams in Khargone district. From the sixth standard, when the mother was promoted to a fixed working hour job, she was taken to Dewas. It was the first struggle of her life when she understood how important it is to be a proficient English speaker, writer, and reader. Her parents wanted to get the admission in any of the top schools in Dewas.
But, from every school, she was rejected saying, “Apki bachhi Hindi medium se hai. Hum ise admission dekar school ka result nahi kharab kar sakte. We are sorry.” After being rejected from many schools, one school principal agreed upon the admission on the condition that if she didn't secure more than 70% in the final exam, the parents would have to withdraw admission. Sonam was determined to prove everyone that it is only through hard work anything could be achieved. Solving English and Hindi crossword puzzles, learning five new English words daily from the dictionary, practicing the cursive handwriting and talking to self in English standing in front of the mirror was a daily routine then. But she also did not leave Hindi and gave equal importance on commanding over it as well. Years passed. She completed her schooling, B.SC, and M.B.A. by 2010 from English medium. She secured first place in school and college level extempore, elocution and debate competitions.

Then came another phase where she struggled to get a job. She started applying to many institutions and organizations. But perhaps God's plan for her career was different from others. While she had no job, someone asked her to take up Freelance Content Writing. She researched about it and in March 2011, she started writing to earn. After a lot of rewriting, rejections, and re-work finally she grabbed what all it takes to work as a freelance writer. It was quite difficult for her to make people around understanding what content writing is, but she continued to write and earn. From May2012-May 2015, she worked as an Academic Associate for IIM Indore. Residing in Dewas, travelling to IIM Indore daily was 13 hours of task including the working and travelling hours. Even then, she continued to take up freelance writing projects from clients across India. She earned Masters in Philosophy in 2014 and decided to go for Doctorate in Philosophy in 2015. For a girl, succeeding in her academic and career phases is not considered the success until she gets married. In January 2016, she got married and relocated to Jabalpur. New city, new life and new challenges. Her job hunt begun from February 2016.

All this time; it was Freelance Content Writing tasks that were paying and keeping her occupied. In November 2016, she joined State Forest Research Institute Jabalpur as Junior Research Fellow. She is now working there and managing her family with in-laws and husband; while Freelance Content Writing is still continued.

She writes as per client’s demand. She has also shared this way of earning with her friends, ex-colleagues and even family members. Her elder sister is a housewife. She is now writing for her. Her younger cousin, studying Engineering, writes for earning her pocket-money. Her husband's friend's wives, her friends' friend and people with a love for writing and wants to earn out of it are today her team members.
She believes if you are educated then why to waste time in gossiping and watching television in your free time. Why not, write and earn. Writing would give you exposure to many other things you may or may not be known by now. She inspires women around her for the same. She is all ready to set up a venture of her own in near future.

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