Shradha Gulati

Chasing Her Passions

Shradha believes in making the most of the life she has and chases her passions as she discovers them.

My story started 38 years ago when I was born in a Punjabi family. For my dad, I was his princess and he always made me feel like one till I lost him to a liver disease when I was 16. It was never easy without him. By God's grace, my mom is a strong headed woman who left no stone unturned to ensure that she played the role of both, a mother and father. She never distinguished between my younger brother and me. I was always raised as a son of the house who shared equal responsibilities. A couple of years later after I lost my dad, who meant the world to me, we convinced mom to marry again and we were fortunate enough to get a wonderful second dad who loves us from the core of his heart. I started to work with a multinational company straight after college and it has been more than 16 years with the same organization. Many opportunities came my way to settle in life, but I chose to be with my family and follow my passion and dreams.

I completely believe that you get one life and you should do whatever you want to... Around 6-7 years ago, I discovered my passion to travel the world. I love to travel solo, in groups, with friends or with travel partners. It’s a different experience when you travel. I feel as if my soul is breathing when I travel. I have covered more than half of India and 14 countries of the world. The goal is to see the maximum possible and to have pictures all around my room when I enter the golden era of my life... It’s all about memories after all!

Other than travelling, writing shayri is a legacy that I inherited from my father. I clearly remember when I was a kid, we used to listen to the ghazals of Begum Akhtar, Malika Pukhraj, Pankaj Udhas, and Jagjit Singh, to name a few. I used to have session of shayri with my father almost every day. I’ve written many of them and plan to get a book published, soon.
Last year in February, I discovered another passion which I probably had in my genes... To become an entrepreneur. I started to make different kinds of chocolates with different recipes throughout the day, before I finalized on some to start with. In April, 2016, Choco Array was born and I became a chocolatier.

In the first year of Choco Array, it got an award at a food event which was judged by masterchef Sanjay Raina of Mealability fame and Chef Arun Sahdev of Mutton King Fame. It also got featured in ‘Suburb’, Gurgaon. I have done many corporate exhibitions and corporate orders, along with individual and bulk orders for birthdays and marriages. Choco Array currently has 544 followers on Facebook and the number is increasing with each passing day. Each Choco Array post is posted to around 200 Facebook groups almost daily and is seen by around 25000 people.
In the end, I would like to summarize with one of my writings:

Us zarre ko mamuli samajhne ki khata na kije..
Jis Zarre ka hosla buland hai..

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