Kynjai Rupa

The innovative crusader

A leap from invention to innovation and entrepreneurship, Kynjai Rupa's inspirational journey will give you the real glimpse of Make in India.

Kynjai Rupa from Shillong would have never imagined that a simple cleaning substance she created in her college lab in Pune out of curiosity and gifted to her friends would one day compete with cleaning giants like Dettol or Lifebuoy. Kynjai Rupa (33) reflects the changing face of the youth of Meghalaya. She launched a startup in Shillong, in the field of liquid cleaning products industry which is now a great source of motivation to educated but unemployed youth of Meghalaya.

She ventured into this field after completing her BSc Botany and MSc Bioinformatics from Fergusson College at Pune University. She also received an opportunity to study in Britain through a campus placement but decided to pursue her dream career of becoming an entrepreneur. During this period, she also completed her MBA in Information Management from TASMAC under the University of Wales. She is the single child of Medical Officer, Mawthoh and Retired BSNL officer R B Das and their nuclear family resides near Springfield School, Shillong.

The liquid cleaner manufacturing unit imparts a big message, particularly for women and the new generation. It is a fact that many of the educated women migrate out to other states seeking employment; even ready to take up domestic jobs. Her manufacturing unit of liquid cleaning products, under the brand name ‘Hyginia’ functioning in her small house, has become so successful that it is posing a challenge to multinational company products in Meghalaya.

Recently, converging innovation and technology, her liquid cleaning unit manufactured a special electronic sanitizer fluid. Such a product has never been manufactured or marketed in Meghalaya or may be in India. It offers 99% germs protection for electronic devices like TV, computer, laptop and mobile phones. Kynjai Rupa underlined that one or two drops of this sanitizer are enough to clean germs on mobile phone and laptop. The big bottles are distributed in hospitals. Besides selling all products in shops, Kynjai Rupa also adopts the conventional marketing technics like door-to- door marketing. The unit also manufactures ‘pH balanced hands wash’ and cars wash shampoos, which have good demand in the market. She also uses trade fairs to exhibits and sells her products. Kynjai Rupa participated in national fares held at Mumbai and total 10 centres in the country.

Kynjai Rupa’s success story has a valuable message for the new generation. She says, “We should have the will to pursue our dreams and the dedication and hard work to make it happen”.

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