Karishma Grover

The wine queen

Wine! The word that first comes to mind with it is subtlety. But Karishma Grover, the 3rd generation custodian of Grover vineyards is anything but that. She is exuberance and enthusiasm all rolled into one, when it comes to her product and craft. She is woman on top in an industry dominated by men.

Wine! The first word that comes to mind with it is ‘subtlety’. However Karishma, the third generation custodian of Grover vineyards, is anything but subtle! This vintner and wine connoisseur is always in “high spirits”, to put it aptly.

Bring up the topic of her craft, and she can talk to you for hours. She is exuberance and enthusiasm, unbottled. It comes as no surprise that she’s doing well as the only woman in an industry dominated by men. “So what!” she says, seeing no reason why a woman could be any less.

A graduate from the University of California, Karishma’s day job consists of taking countless sips of wine. And while drinking it might be a leisurely activity, making it sure isn’t. Tasting and judging different variations can get tiresome. But, “Niceties be damned, if my products are not up to my standards!” she says.

For Karishma, there are no half-measures. No half-knowledge. No half-effort. She is a woman who goes all the way for what she believes in!

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