Jharna Basu

The silent performer

As a little girl, Jharna Basu lost her mother. And as luck would have it, things continued to get worse. But did she give up? She fought back and gave it her best!

At a time when women hardly completed high school, at a time when duties of women were confined to being a home maker and expected to work in the kitchen, at a time when women seldom stepped in to work in offices,my mother Mrs Jharna Basu achieved all this and more. My mother had been born in North Kolkata and was fourth of her 5 siblings. As luck would have it, her mother passed away when she was only 3 years old.

Her father re-married soon after. Needless to say, the dark days had begun for her. She was made to fetch daily necessities in the morning before going to school. She had to cook and sew for the family before she turned 10. She had to borrow books to complete her studies. She studied hard in the little time she had and managed to complete her graduation at the age of 19. By this time she was proficient in spoken and written English through her own hard work. She was denied any monetary support to pursue further studies. Therefore she completed a course in shorthand. She joined her first job as a Secretary in a renowned shipping company at Kolkata in the year 1964. She continued with her job even after her marriage and raised her two daughters successfully.

Today she has retired from her long working life. She has managed to buy a flat in South Kolkata from her own earnings. However her savings were not enough to furnish the flat as per her dream. Her wish is to decorate, paint and furnish the flat tastefully.

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