Lt. Col Ankita Srivastava

From A Tortoise To An Eagle

Lt. Col Ankita Srivastava (veteran) is a real example of blood and sweat being used in making of a tigress that has a flying eagle inside. Truly a legend!

An ordinary looking, below average student who desired to be an eagle, started as a tortoise and lost her stability. After failing in Class 7th, she rose with a renewed vigour; determined to find her firm footings in a school that had a history of producing legends!

The tortoise transformed into a rabbit as she turned poet, sportsperson and a debater. She next turned into a deer. Her lope had begun, she featured in the local newspaper for having cracked the University Entrance test. Her poems got published in local newspapers, Hindi and English magazines and broadcasts on AIR, poems selected for American Poetry anthology.

The deer catapulted into a horse when she became the first girl from Allahabad to get selected in the Indian Army. She commanded the men in uniform in Drill, PT, Parade and led them to assist in Operation Kargil and Operation Parakaram.

Having walked through the deadliest areas and having fired all types of weapons ranging from a pistol, AK-56, Carbines, LMGs and rocket launchers the tough lady officer made an impact of being a pioneer in every unexplored area she entered into… thus in the course of the journey, transfiguring the galloping horse into a tiger!

The sprinting tiger halted when the Indian Army didn’t allow the lady officers to serve beyond 14 years. Now she had the Herculean challenge to exchange the acquired masculinity of a tiger with that of a demure tigress!

She tossed herself on the utmost feminine platform, Tanishq Beauty Pageant. She was crowned the winner. With only two military poses –Saavdhan/Vishraam known, she stunned the nation when she daintily walked down the ramp and won the sub award of “Most Vivacious Woman” at Gladrags Mrs. India 2009.

To keep the flow of steel in her nerves going, she now established a balance between her family life and her identity. She became the security officer in the largest Indian bank SBI and was the first lady Security officer honoured with Excellence award. And she took to her first love: ‘writing’ as she says it de-stresses her overworked nerves. Her published works —
• The Pink Scarecrow
• Anthologies
• Minds@work2
• 'I' Limca Book of Records
• Minds@Work3
• Uppercut
• Lovingly Yours
• Purple Hues
• Blues Under The Hues, Emerald Hues
• India Looking For Young Authors
• Kasturi Kanchan
• Minds@Work5
• efiction -Readomania Storizen
• Kindle-Resident Pig &Visiting Ostrich
• Love: The Time Game
Upcoming Anthologies
• Sensible Sensualities,
• Dreams Defined
Awards —Womenergy Tejaswini, Best Author Veer Veerangana

She’s one of the first woman- interviewed by Defence And Security Alert March 2014.

She refuses to hold her learning. She motivates Indians to be disciplined to excel. She teaches moral values to mothers with an underprivileged background to make their children good citizens. She is currently designing a solar cycle for LPG cylinder delivery men to reduce their man hours/energy.

Lt. Col Ankita Srivastava (veteran) is here in front of you today: a real example of blood and sweat being used in making of a tigress that has a flying eagle inside. Truly a legend!

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