Keerthana Swaminathan

Passion Knows No Age

A teenager who knew in her heart what her true calling is, Keerthana carved her own path to success when she was only 21.

Keerthana Swaminathan was a regular average teenager. Caged in low self esteem, she became an obese introvert which resulted in turning her into a shy, highly emotional and timid person. Being unable to accept herself, she became a recluse to mediocrity. But she did not like what she was going through and wanted to get better at gauging herself. At this stage, she also entered her higher secondary school, which is when her parents who were avid amateur runners dragged her out of the comfort zone and pushed her to run. And that was the beginning of a life that she always wanted.

The best part was that she found that running helped her bring out her character and not just result in weight-loss. Running gave her a fresh lease in her life. She was able to vent out her frustrations with every stride and went on to finish several marathons! To achieve such arduous goals, she had to make certain choices that shaped her will, consciously helped her to move away from travelling life in auto-pilot mode. Though the choices were painful, yet its results were nothing short of a surprise. She passed out of her higher secondary school with flying colours, her college in distinction and was able to do her Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology in Loughborough University, UK. She is also a certified NLP life coach (School of Excellence) and an applied behavioural analyst (Concordia University).

On reflection of the path she had taken, she found that there was indeed a relation between fitness and psychology. And this journey, she understands is not a sprint but a marathon! In her desire to understand fitness better she took up competitive frisbee sport, long distance cycling and much more. She is one of the regular podium finishers at the marathons that happen in India. In these, she employed what she had learned, understood mindsets that helps one to win and handle loss, to manage a team and to manage one-self, as well. These experiences made her mature in what she does best: imparting counsel to help those going through psychological imbalance and make their lives happy!

She was involved in some research work with The Quad and then went to a project at Go Sports Foundation. Today, she is a consulting sports psychologist and works with athletes from the State level. Also, she conducts group sessions and workshops in psychology! Her experience equipped her to counsel individuals and groups. A few of her clients reach her through Skype as well. She also loves working with children and mentoring them.

She firmly believes that sporting helps an individual bring out his/her character, and she learned that through her experiences. Since she felt that many children go through the same issue as she faced when she was in school, she wanted to bring in the awareness that sporting can change in one’s life. She observes that these days not many kids are out there playing, and hence she wrote a book “When I looked back it was 21 years old already” on her experiences about her sporting journey and how that made her as a person.

As a fitness enthusiast, marathoner, sports & exercise consultant, cyclist and not to mention an avid blogger, Keerthana believes ‘Life begins every day’. She is just 22 years old, she believes that age is just a number and that cannot stop anyone from achieving anything.

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