Rashmi Mehra Kumar

A believer who reinvented herself

Rashmi, a certified Counsellor and Life Coach was fortunate enough to beat ovarian cancer. With great positivity, she believes that believers can always reinvent themselves, no matter life throws upon them. With a vision to create a cancer-free world, she is associated with Indian Cancer Society to remove the fear of cancer for a better world, a better nation.

Wow, I completed my 365 days of cancer treatment. The surgery and chemo cycles left a scar on my body but a beautiful mark on my life. As I jog back to memories, my mind flashes the most precious and unforgettable moments of last year which changed my life.
There are so many wonderful and fantastic people to thank for in my journey, the list is long. I would like to start by saying thank you to the uninvited guest of last year – Cancer.
As we, all know the uninvited guest refuses to leave and always lands up dwelling the longest. Cancer who tried to be a little obstinate was unaware of its host’s strength, one that could conquer it.

Like every guest who would, leave behind a gift, this one, did so with an abundance of love and happiness. Last year, my life was morphed into a beautiful garden, where everything started to bloom in a charming way including me. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the month of January, last year. My journey began and in the process, I understood the game of life. As said, “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” So here I am, “The new me, who is wiser.” Last year few months have been challenging but quite gratifying. Let me tell you challenging because, after the surgery, the protocol of the treatment required six sessions of chemotherapy, which was quite tough, and gratifying because of the incredible support I received from my almighty, my family, and friends. I actually started feeling blessed because I felt that my almighty is always favouring and watching over me in the toughest exams of life as my family and I could see ‘CAN’ in cancer. We believed cancer could be cured. I must say, dealing with cancer is a team game. It is simple, “If your team is strong you have better chances to win.” (I am ready to be a part of anyone’s team who needs me).

I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing and outstanding people during my journey. It felt God was always around me in the form of these beautiful people who have helped me recover fast. Some brilliant doctors who treated me. I have very high regards for my doctors who made sure that my road to recovery was smooth. It felt like the designer sitting up there is designing a new “Rashmi” by his own hand. God has blessed me abundantly, and I sincerely offer him my thanks and praise.

There is so much more to experience and according to me, the key to it is faith and gratitude. Once you start appreciating every moment of your life, life will keep surprising you, trust me. I am one of those who are fortunate enough to walk the path of recovery. After all the chemo sessions, it was hard to stand up and walk few meters because of severe Neuropathy, but I could overcome my situation with determination and zest for life.

Today I am running, yes running! I ran three marathons. Today I express my gratitude to universe for giving me the purpose of my life and helping me reinvent myself. My cancer gave me a wakeup call. Now, I have a mission. The mission of new Rashmi is to create a cancer free world. Helping people look beyond Cancer and making them believe - Cancer can go (cancer is curable). After working for 15 years in finance industry now, my current profession is counselling and motivating people. I am a certified Counsellor and Life Coach. Now my work (which has become my passion) is to work closely with many hospitals and Indian Cancer Society to remove the fear of cancer.

Here I would like to quote Robert Frost “Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep.” I have taken the first step, and I know the universe will support me.
It is imperative and crucial for every woman to stay fit both mentally and physically to keep her family fit, if all families are fit and happy, society is fit and happy.
So, let us create a better society, much better nation and a beautiful world. And we can start with smiling at life and saying “THANK YOU” even to our troubles because that will help to evolve a new you!!

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