Sania Gupta

A Life Changing Discovery

A delightful entry into the world of blogging helped Sania discover her flair for words. Since then, she never looked back and went on to start her own venture.

Having studied MCA, MSC-IT from Punjab University, Chandigarh and thereafter, doing a short course in Human Resource and Employment Relations from the London School of Employment and Political Relations (LSE), Sania was always amongst toppers in the school and university.

She dreamt of making it big in life. Having attained a university position in her master’s, she wanted to do specialization from a foreign university. The course of events in her life, however, turned out to be entirely different. Her marriage happened. There were hardly any career options in IT sector to be explored in Ludhiana. In order to kill time and also because she enjoyed teaching, she ended up joining an academic institution as a part-time faculty member. Even though she loved her job, she knew it was something she didn’t want to continue for a long time.

Her mind wandered to different places and she was looking for better and bigger options all the time. Several business plans were made and rejected at the same time. Because computers had always fascinated her, Sania used to spend a lot of time on her laptop and it was in 2012, she started to explore work from home opportunities. She came across a job role of a freelance writer posted by a famous career portal. When she started working as a freelance blogger for them, she discovered a different side of her.

A delightful entry into the world of blogging helped her discover her flair for words. As she was soon going to be a mother, the perks of working from home motivated her to look for more options in the field. She took multiple projects as a blogger but wasn’t sure if a full-time career in blogging would be a rewarding choice. The idea of launching her own blog crossed Sania’s mind multiple times, but because a full-time blog meant much more commitment and dedication towards writing, she was not sure if it would be a right decision.

Just because it was destined to happen, it happened one day, and ‘The Blogging Hacks’ was launched soon after her first workshop was scheduled. What started as a personal blog with an objective of showcasing blogging skills, has today become a full-fledged company offering blogging, social media marketing, and promotional services to established businesses in the market.

Sania acquired a wide range of skills required for Blogging and Digital Marketing while working remotely for her clients located in different parts of the world. Each role she took up in a period of five years contributed a lot towards the enrichment of her skill set.

People look up to The Blogging Hacks because it offers unique and genuine content to readers. Every post that gets published on the blog is a result of sheer hard work and dedication towards the given job. In a span of only 1 year, this blog has touched millions of lives through its ‘Self-Improvement’ and ‘Blogging Anecdotes’ sections. The Blogging Hacks has given the feminism in Sania an appropriate platform for communicating the idea of working from home to Indian wives/ mothers.

The Blogging Hacks thrives on leading change and driving transformation. The Blogging Hacks is Sania’s passion and she strives hard to make it big and popular. Today, when she looks back to realize the best decision of her life, it was to listen to the true calling of her heart which, indeed, was writing.

Her inspiration are her readers who are always waiting for the next post to go live and are willing to provide their genuine feedback. It is only when they appreciate her work; she gets the strength to keep going and continue traversing on the road less travelled.
There are vivid memories of the times when no one around her understood the significance of spending hours on the laptop. It was a task then and it is a task now to explain the power of blogging to people around her. In times like these, she feels “it is only your passion and infectious energy that conveys the audience your message.”

At Blogging Hacks, the writing and editing tasks are, primarily, taken care of by herself. Her team members look after SEO and other tasks that are involved in Digital Marketing. As a working mother, there is always a lot to be done. There are times when deadlines are looming but her daughter wants her attention. Over the years, she has learned to maintain work-life balance.

“If your mind can perceive it, you can do it.” These lines have influenced her more than anything else in life.

Sania always repeats, if she could do it, anyone can do it. It’s just about believing in yourself and doing what you love the most. All you need to do is take that first step and everything will eventually fall into a place.

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