Mahima Ralli

The Survivor

From being a ‘Mongolian child’ to facing the taunts of kids at school, life was nothing short of a challenge for Mahima Ralli. And just when she managed to handle herself, life threw another curve ball at her. Determined not to give up, she fought her way up and today encourages people to live life to the fullest.

The day I was born, a new name - before my parents could name me - was given by the doctors. They called me a ‘Mongolian child’ and were more shocked than amazed with the fact that I was born without any mental or physical disabilities, despite having Down syndrome.

As a second child to my parents, I was the youngest and the most-loved child in the family. But the world has different plans. When I started with school, many names were given to me other than my own; names like Mickey Mouse, squint eyed etc. I went through a couple of plastic surgeries and just when I started accepting myself, the universe, it seems had a new plan. I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). At the age of 16, I went through 100 dialyses in less than a year. It was painful. Every day, I wished and prayed for my death. But that didn't happen. Soon, my parents decided to shift to Mumbai for my treatment.
After two months, I received a kidney transplant. The donor was my mother. It was one of the most successful cases ever.

It's been 14 years now and I am still alive and healthy. Meditation gave a new dimension to my life and I entered The Art of Living Foundation. I've been associated with it from last five years and it has been a life altering experience. I became an Art of Living Teacher recently and try and do my bit by encouraging people to take up meditation and incorporate it in their lives.

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