Priya Kapur

An Inch between a Creative & Corporate Life

Priya manages to pull every notion of creative management together into a unified framework along with her business.

Hailing from the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, Priya Kapur has been exposed to a lot of diverse cultures and influences.
With training in High Definition, airbrush makeup as well as intricate hairstyles for fashion and Bridal Makeovers, she kick-started her make-up career under the name Priya Kapur - Makeup & Hair in 2005.

Her repertoire comprises of various high fashion magazines, fashion shows, beauty pageants and luxury brand launches. Priya is also an author having a published a coffee table book ‘Bridal Diaries’ in her list of accomplishments. Over the past few years after having trained and educated students in the field of makeup and hair – she is looking to open her own international standard makeup school in the near future. Contrasting her professional career so far, Priya recently forayed into her family owned textile business acquiring the position Director of Company.

Grentex and Co Pvt. Ltd. is a 100-year-old woollen spinning mill, exporting woollen and worsted yarn worldwide. Walking in her father’s footsteps, Chairman- Mr. Ravikant Kapur- Priya is the next in line to spearhead the company, carrying on its rich heritage.

Recently, she co-founded ‘The Glocal Trunk’ (TGT) an online retail platform under the company Glocal Trunk LLP selling costume and fashion jewellery with plans for expansion in the online retail market.
TGT loves skill, talent, and quality. Their vast collection of leading fashion jewellery is sourced from around the globe and brought to their customers, in one seamless shopping experience. TGT is proud to be the only global fashion jewellery retailer that offers you a full-spectrum shopping experience online.

With so much on her plate, along with a recent recruitment to the Indian Merchants Chambers - Ladies Wing, Priya Kapur divides her week between her artistic side and the company office.
“It's a mammoth task but exhilarating all the same,” she says.Working in diverse industries, Priya Kapur is looking to have parallel growth adding to her long list of, professional achievements.

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