Priyannkka Shailendra

Life from behind the reel

Priyannkka is a passionate dreamer who lost her father at the age of 17. Due to financial trouble she took up a job as assistant director. Today, she is re-launching her grandfather's production banner all by herself.

I'm a 27 year old entrepreneur now... A dreamer with the passion to be a great animator at the age of 17, life took a turn for me when my father passed away. At that young age, we were hit by a financial storm with my mother and my sister to look after. At that moment all I knew or could understand is... I need to make money and make it fast.

So, I started by assisting as a director to one of my dad's friends. He didn't take me seriously at first thinking that I was one of those filmy kids who wanted to do it for the sake of doing it. But after severe perseverance he allowed me to assist him and so I did. It took me literally 48 hours to know that I could stand for 16 to 18 hours in a day at a stretch without cribbing about it. That's when I decided... This is what I want to do... This is who I want to be... Ever since that day I never stopped dreaming and never stopped working for my dreams...

And today here I am... Relaunching my grandfather's production banner and fulfilling my father’s and my own dreams. All it takes is realisation, determination and perseverance... You cannot stop dreaming and you cannot stop achieving!!!

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