Nupur Jain

The Blind Warrior

She lost her eyesight but not her vision. Determined not to drown in self-pity, she worked her way up to the success ladder and today works as a behavioural trainer.

I am currently working with GIAL India LTD and 34 years old. A girl who looks confident and bold today has a long learning and enriching experience of her life.

She was born a town called Narnaul in Haryana. She lost her eye sight at the tender age of nine due to a prolonged illness of Tuberculous Meningitis. After becoming blind, the schools in Narnaul refused to admit her as they did not know the ways to support and guide her.

Her parents, bold enough, gathered a lot of courage to send her to a boarding school at National Association for the Blind - Delhi at the age of 10. This is where she started the journey of her life again with learning to read and write braille. She took the great loss easy and worked on developing herself as an independent lady.

She cleared her class 10 and 12 with flying colours and joined LSR- Ladies Shriram college at Delhi University. With gainingBy achieving 2nd and 3rd rank in Delhi University, Nupur also developed her interests around swimming, sprints and sports activities. She became the best athlete in Delhi University during her time.

She crossed these challenges with the support of very understanding parents, siblings, friends and teachers.

She decided to go for MBA and wanted to take coaching for the same. A very well-known coaching centre refused to admit her as again they were unaware of the ways to guide a visually Impaired person. Nupur did not give up and took time to explain them the ways and technology. She spent time with the director of the centre who admitted her.

With all the hard work, Nupur cleared five entrances exams of 55 MBA schools and finally joined Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She joined Wipro from the campus of TISS and worked there for eight years.

She was a full time a behavioural trainer and conducted sessions around the topics- customer service, attitude, role transition, diversity orientation coaching and mentoring with communication skills and professionalism. She was also a researcher and a behavioural researcher which encouraged her to pen down various articles and book review during her tenure at Wipro.

Currently, she has a family of her own with a six-year old son and mother in law and husband. She works with GAIL India Ltd as a behavioural trainer and HR.

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