Pratibha Sharma

Giving Power To Woman

Pratibha is a mother of two toddlers and the founder of GharSeNaukri. She believes and encourages women to work from home. Currently, she is working on creating a platform for aspiring women entrepreneurs to turn their hobbies into a business model.

My journey to build an organisation would be worth believing and encouraging for homemakers in India.

Grateful to be part of an initiative and a vision focused on creating an opportunity workforce for every woman, to empower her with a job or business opportunity at home, to help her in developing skill set and enable her to realize her entrepreneur instincts.

Being a woman, connection with the GharSeNaukri concept happened to me naturally. As the founding member, my focus was to turn this common vision of every household to gain financial independence from home into reality. By mainly focusing on helping women, advising women to explore opportunities in their area of skills and interests, helping them in their job search, and providing them with suitable opportunities where our associate organisation requirement matches with the woman skill set.

for aspiring woman entrepreneurs that will encourage them to turn their hobbies into a business model, and earn value for themselves. I am passionate and committed to build and grow the GharSeNaukri platform into a budding eco-system for woman empowerment.

I am the mother of two toddlers with an instinct to change the vision by unleashing women power.

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