Amrita Mukherjee

Successful Girl Child

Her extended family tried to deny her the education that was her right. But with strong parents and a will of her own, Amrita conquered the negativity and emerged as a university topper who now works in the academic sector, helping other girls fulfill their dreams of higher education.

Since childhood I have seen my my mother being treated in a step-motherly way by her few relatives for giving birth to a girl child. But she challenged that she will educate her child. She was never supported by the larger family instead they tried to create all sorts of hindrance to hamper further education. But she was determined and fulfilled her promise facing all odds and it is for her that today I am a post-graduate (a university topper both in graduation and post-graduation) and working in a central university of India in an administrative post. I cannot deny my father's support in this case. Today I am happy and inspire many other girls to work hard and put their untiring effort to be successful in life. This is my story - the story of a girl who was always sidelined for being a girl but nothing could stop her.

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