Sandhya Godey

The Helpful Volunteer

Sandhya is a person who devotes her life towards making a difference in society. From donating blood, to spreading cancer awareness, to teaching children English, to setting up a scholarship fund for the less fortunate, she does it all with a smile.

Being useful to others is the easiest thing …if one really decides to be useful. I also strongly believe in the adage “Unity is strength” and usually build up groups of like-minded people to engage with different needs in society. From club committees, to organising events for students, to taking smart city initiatives in my city, to national and international conferences, to identifying , nurturing and presenting talents within an organisation, my success I feel was in building a strong sense of togetherness and belonging.
There are myriad avenues for helping others since there are so many people in the world who require assistance in one form or the other.
Being a voluntary blood donor is just one such way. Although I started relatively late in life at the age of 30, I have donated about 40 times till date and would like to complete at least 50 donations before I become age barred to do so. I am a volunteer for Friends of Max, a group that educates people on cancer awareness and conducts camps for patients and caregivers of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in particular.
I put together a volunteer group of about 30 people from different age groups to teach spoken English to students from families below the poverty line. We volunteers go to the schools every week and take classes for students from the 1st standard to the 9th standard. This project gives an opportunity for all 30 of us to satisfy our need for doing our little bit for those who are not as privileged as us.
I have also set up a scholarship fund in memory of my father to help about 10 students with their school fees. I also raised funds through family and friends to educate a total of 25 students.

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