Vasantha Kokilam

Candle in the Wind

Vasantha, a brilliant student got married at the young age of 19. But her thirst for learning remained unquenched. Driven by this passion, she pursued her academic and entrepreneurial goals.

This is the story about Mrs. Vasantha Kokilam, from Coimbatore, South India.

Hailing from a semi-rural background of Pollachi, a brilliant student with academic and entrepreneurial interest, she wanted to be on her own and to achieve a lot.

In 2004, she got married at the young age of 19, at the verge of completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications. She did not want to remain as a ‘housewife with a degree.’ Her passion for learning continued.

Blessed with two daughters, raising a family was a task in itself. However, she continued to pursue her studies and today she has a Master’s in Computer Application (MCA), a Master’s in Philosophy (M.Phil.) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA). She is now pursuing her Doctorate in Computer Science (Ph.D.).

She has also cleared the State Level Eligibility Test (SET) for Lectureship, which has less than 1% pass percentage record. She has also presented various research papers, articles, cover stories, etc.

Now, in 2017, her academic qualification reads as MCA, M. Phil, PGDBA, SET and a (Ph.D.). She worked as an Assistant Professor in a reputed institution but was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

She quit her so-called ‘safe’ job and has started her own venture, M/s. Candlefire Development Academy, a skill development academy. To equip herself, she attended the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), and enrolled for leadership training and skill development courses, etc.

Determined to be an entrepreneur, she also wanted to serve a social cause in order to contribute towards the upliftment of society. Today, she is actively working towards the empowerment of women and welfare of children by using education as a tool to make them independent.

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