Preeti Maroti

Hand-Painted Dream Jars

Preeti Maroti displays her artistic talent and exhibits her hand-painted crafts to the world.

I have always had a keen an interest in painting. I was a fine arts student my school and also the favourite student of my teacher. When other children used to go play outside, I used to sit at home or stay in school and paint. As I grew up, the growing pressure of studies made me give less time to work on my hobby. I followed what the society demanded and continued my career in academics and studied B.A. from Delhi University. I laid out my creativity by gifting handmade and hand-painted crafts to friends and family or decorating my house, trays or even crockery. Soon after my graduation I got married and became a house wife. I started taking painting class by a renowned artist in Kolkata.

It's been five years that he has been teaching me painting now. I have got around 100 good frame-worthy, exhibition-worthy paintings at my house. Anyone who looked at my paintings asked me to start an exhibition. However, I became a mother of a son and got busy taking care of him. It was when he turned two, I decided to make return gifts myself. I painted coffee mugs with animals on them. They were highly appreciated by kids and families. Soon I started painting on crockery in my free time. I decided to continue learning painting for some time but for now, I must exhibit my hand-painted crockery.

My first exhibition of Rare Ware crockery's took place on the 11th of July. I received a great response and also business offers from some people to paint their products. My purpose of exhibiting was not making money but to boost my confidence in my art and to let people know how creatively I can paint their crockery. This is just the beginning, I am sure I have some huge opportunities waiting for me and I will give my 100 percent to it. It is really difficult to fulfil your dream as a housewife and a mother but I am determined to work and with great family support, which I am sure would make me stand out one day.

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