Kritica Purohit

The challenger

Kritica Purohit is visually challenged. But that has never deterred her, ever! And if you thought physical excellence was her forte, think again. She has proven herself in the world of academics and professional qualifications. She is also a trained physiotherapist.

The rope isn’t just an apparatus for this adept Rope Mallakhamb practitioner. It’s an antenna that connects her to a higher order!

You see, Kritica is linked to very high levels of will power - something she probably imbibes through the very fabric of her sport. So while mastering the art of Rope Mallakhamb might be an upward climb for mere mortals like us, Kritica does it quite literally, with her eyes closed!

To put it in context, Kritica is visually challenged. A debilitating optic nerve disease struck her at the tender age of eight. But even this couldn’t make her lose sight of her goals!

Rope Mallakhamb maestro? Sure! Trained Physiotherapist? Why not! Kritica achieved excellence time and again, in the physical realm, and in academics as well.

Pursuing a course like Physiotherapy, given her medical condition, would’ve tied a lesser mortal in knots. No college was keen on admitting her; questioning her ability to keep up during the practical-learning classes. But their lack of faith didn’t deter her own.

She approached the Judicial Court and with their ruling, was able to move past the hiccups. Then, proving her naysayers wrong, she even cleared her Physiotherapy exams with flying colours.

Just as the rope is the pivot in Rope Mallakhamb, it is safe to say that willpower is the pivot in Kritica’s life.

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