Dr. Priyanka P.V

An Outstanding Teacher

Dr. Priyanka P.V has devoted her career as a teacher towards creating comfortable interactive sessions for students. She has worked extensively inside the classroom as teacher, seminar presenter, and member of innumerable committees.

Dr. Priyanka P.V is the Director of Philip Kotler Centre for Advanced Marketing. Priyanka is an educationist, a professor, a mentor and an inspirer. She has had the privilege of meeting the marketing guru, Prof. Philip Kotler. She and her parents organized an event where Prof. Philip Kotler addressed a gathering of 1000 people and they had the privilege of having Prof. Kotler to Priyanka madam’s residence.
She always owes her success to her parents. Priyanka ma'am has always been a silent worker who works for the betterment of her students.

Priyanka Ma'am is known for her teaching and passion for developing students. She teaches students to think unique and we as students used to admire the dresses and sarees which ma'am used to wear every day to college. Dr.Priyanka P.V, a person whose passion is being a professor to students. She is a friend, mentor, guide, a ray of hope to those who wanted to excel in life.

What is so special about Priyanka Ma'am?
Priyanka she is like a parent. She scolds us when we are wrong, showers us with love, and encourages us to do well in life. She is like a stick, nudges a student to perform and at the same time gives a patient hearing to us as students. A ma'am who is so loving to her students and who is so focused on education, research and imparting knowledge to us. Ma'am is different. A teacher who would give everything to her students irrespective of culture. For example, ma'am has used something like candy crush and temple Run games that we are hooked on to our phone to teach us strategic management.

For the herd of faculty, international business is all about covering the syllabus. But for Priyanka ma'am, it's not just the syllabus. She gave us tasks, where we were allotted a particular country, and we needed to create models based on certain tools that ma'am had given us. Majority of the faculty would teach cross culture with the help of presentations, either putting research facts or pictures of mannerisms of two countries but for Priyanka ma'am, she gave us a live experience of cross culture by exposing us to a certified International Student Mentorship Program which gave us exposure to talk to international students which made us learn a lot. Ma'am gives an experience of the subject. She engages us with students in a very innovative manner.

A teacher who imbibes a sense of achievement in her students. Her main motive has always been student enhancement. Helping according to their interests is always her priority irrespective of which part of the world and culture the student belongs. Madam's passion is to teach and when she delivers her lectures, the energy and love for what she is doing is clearly visible and is felt by her students. Ma'am has always motivated to achieve, excel and emerge successful in any task undertaken by her students. Students love her for the care, time and patience she takes to listen to them.

The academic industry comprises mainly two components which was teaching and research. Priyanka ma'am has always used new tools for teaching her students. Ma'am teaches her subjects by using crosswords, simulation games, international student programs, crosswords, role plays which make students think out of the box. The most trending tool available is social media. Priyanka ma'am has used Facebook to teach Marketing and made students understand the challenges of advertising and marketing on social media. Priyanka ma'am always encourages her students to think different to pursue their dreams and goals in life.

Priyanka ma'am has done a lot of research, and she encourages her students to research. Priyanka ma'am has presented and published more than 30 research papers in leading institutions of India & Abroad.

The Award Winner- Priyanka ma'am has received 9 awards for her outstanding contribution to the field of education and research. A few awards include
● AIMS-Outstanding Young Woman Management Teacher Award
● Young Women Educator award
● Alumni awards from where she has studied.
Priyanka Ma'am gives lessons on life, success and ambition acquired from her all time guru Robin Sharma. She is spiritual and a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba.
Priyanka ma'am does a lot of social service. She has sponsored two girl children for World Vision India. She does fund-raising activities for an orphanage for special kids and has been instrumental for teaching autistic students at an MBA and Ph.D level.

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