Anjali Gulati

From Mom to Mompreneur

Anjali started her a work-from-home venture in 2009. Today, she has expanded it into an organization operating out of three locations in India. Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to strike the right balance between her professional and personal life.

Motherhood is the most precious gift that a woman can be blessed with. The bringing of a new life to the world and seeing it grow is an unparalleled source of joy and beauty. Calling it a full-time job is an understatement. But is it justified that you let go, one love, just because you found a new one? Such were the thoughts in my mind when I started People Konnect with a small seed fund of Rs. 10,000, borrowed from my husband.

Since then there has been no looking back for me, from a work-from-home venture to an organisation operating out of three locations in India, People Konnect has come a long way. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounds for me, a mom of two, who was set to fulfil her ambition of being a successful career woman while I didn't let go of being a mother.

The Beginning
I have over 16 years of experience in HR. Started my career with GSPL in Gujarat, worked with Reliance Communications, Bhopal. Then moved to Mumbai with Tata Teleservices, and stayed on here. My last job was with a multinational bank, and I owe a lot to that organisation. The sheer size of the organisation teaches one the concept of scale and the ability to manage multiple deliverables at one time. In hindsight, nothing seems difficult and a ‘Can Do' attitude is the key to success. I worked for Pegasus Consulting for a while after my son was born, consulted an NGO and launched People Konnect in October 2009.

Today I am a mompreneur, mother of 2, and a wife to a very supportive husband. Life is indeed 24/7, but I love the way my life has turned out - with the challenges, my work, my kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We began our journey as a recruitment service provider in October 2009 with an aim to provide best in class search solutions across levels and sectors for our clients. Over time, we have built a capability for headhunting and dedicated searches, through Korner Office. The ride so far has been eventful and challenging, with lots of successes along the way.

In our endeavour of becoming a complete HR Solutions provider, we launched our learning & development vertical, Extra Mile and have successfully started work on assignments in the employee engagement, internal communications and organization effectiveness space.
Since our organisation constitutes the majority of returning to career women, we are passionate about encouraging women to get back. Also, the fact that there have also been increased demands from our clients to hire diversity has made it possible for us to recently launch “Back to the Front”, the Diversity focused arm of People Konnect. We believe in Enabling Inclusive Ecosystems for women across sectors and life stages through innovative, workable and sustainable strategies and solutions. We see ourselves as a robust go to partner for all Corporates who are keen to work on a real and meaningful Inclusion journey.

Our latest offering is ‘Kart by Moms’, our initiative to empower and create a market place for mompreneurs in corporate gifting segment. Our women entrepreneurs or mompreneurs, as we would like to call them are carefully drawn from a cross-section of women who have funnelled their passions into a successful enterprise, just as they have nurtured their families alongside.

The launch of such initiatives has made this journey more exciting and enticing. We could not have reached this far without continuous support and appreciation from our clients, candidates and partners.

The Challenges & the Learning
The recruitment industry isn’t for anyone and everyone. The challenge around the changing marketplace is a large part of the life here. But when it comes to Back To The Front- A space which is getting a lot of traction in last few years along with the different challenges in many folds. While organisations are still not equipped enough to onboard women and their expectations around second careers, the women themselves need a lot of re-skilling to even prepare themselves or qualify to apply for the roles.

While I nurtured People Konnect, which in turn gave birth to Extra Mile, Back To The Front, & Kart By Moms, my story pivoted around 3Ms: Marriage, Mobility and Motherhood. These 3Ms have not just helped me draw strength during times when the drive wasn’t rosy but also taught me to carve my way out, to the road of success. While I continue towards creating better avenues for talent and women, I strongly believe that inclusive workplaces don’t work in silos and both men and women together can make future workplaces free from unconscious bias.

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