Phidalia Toi

The Indomitable Spirit

The number of trials and hardships Phidalia has faced, would lead anyone to lose all hope. But overcame it all, continuing to stand tall today.

Mrs. Phidalia Toi was born on the 30th September 1957 to Mr. Beneson Chen, a carpenter and Mrs. Levinlis Toi, a Primary School teacher. She is the second of seven siblings. She had a humble beginning, born to a poor but a very pious family. However, this did not limit her ambitions nor could it stop her from achieving her goals; instead it taught her not to take anything for granted. Right at a very tender age she showed her love and interest for books. She is diligent and hardworking. Her desire for knowledge was cut short when she had to leave studies halfway to earn a living, but with sheer hard work, strong will and total dedication, she completed her SSLC board exams as a private candidate. For two years she managed the muster roll in the PWD office at Jowai in Meghalaya.

Later, she taught at a primary school in Mihmyntdu Village on the outskirts of Jowai town. She completed her degree from Kiang Nangbah Govt. College (evening section). Her grit and determination and with the support of her husband, Mr. Bomber Nongbri, she completed her Masters degree in Khasi literature from NEHU, a prestigious university at Shillong. Seeing the dire need for a good English medium school at her native place, Jowai, she envisioned to start a school to provide quality education with the motto ‘Build Up’. Her dream and vision was realised, when the Jaintia English School started on February 1986 with 15 students. Now, the school has a strength of more than 900 students. A branch of the school was established and dedicated to the memory of her mother at Nangbah village, which is about 15km from Jowai.

She is a known philanthropist and empathizes with the destitute and fights for their rights. She became their voice and had became a household name as an honest and a no nonsense leader. As the secretary of an NGO named the Jaintia Action Committee, she initiated and started a school at Psiar village, a neglected area where there was no upper primary school, as a gift to the village. She bore the salary of the teachers for many years until the school was undertaken by the SSA. In 2016, she visited the school and encouraged the village to upgrade the school to the secondary level with a promise to bear the salaries of the staff till the government steps in.

Nothing came easy for her. Nothing was handed on a platter. Her life was filled with challenges, both on the personal and social front. In 1994, her husband had a near-death experience due to Meningitis. However, he recovered, but lost his complete sense of hearing. Trials and turmoil continued to come in her life. In 2006, her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a dangerous type of bone cancer. The distressing experience during the long agonizing course of treatment, the helplessness, and the battle with this dreaded disease have unfolded in the pages of her book, ‘The Plight of a Mother’- a book that she wrote after this difficult ordeal. Her unwavering spirit and steadfast faith in God is conveyed through this book, which is a source of encouragement and light to many mothers and individuals who face similar situations in life.

Whatever challenges life gives her, she faces them head-on. When she herself was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010, her family and friends were not surprised when she defeated the disease. She is a survivor and a fighter who will not give up till the end. She is a far-sighted woman who knows how to juggle between social and personal life. In spite of the many hats she has donned as a mother, a cancer survivor, a philanthropist, and an educationist, she never lost her creativity. Hence, various books, novels, musical albums, and two regional short films go to her credit.

Her love and interest in Indian politics, the various challenges, the hopes and disappointments that come in the political arena inspired her to write a series of five books on the first tenure of the ‘Modi Sarkar’. She has high hopes that our present Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modi will transform India. He has given billions of Indians a reason to hope for ‘Acche Din’.

‘The Dawn’ is the first book of the five-part series called ‘Marathon Race To Acche Din’ - a series that will reflect the author’s perspective on each of the five years of the National Democratic Alliance (II) Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the 15th Prime Minister of independent India. The focus in this series is solely on Narendra Modi, his policies and his style of governance. The first book of the series, ‘The Dawn’ was released by the then Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Dr. Najma A. Heptulla on the 25th May 2015 at the residence of former Lok Sabha Speaker, (Late) P. A. Sangma at New Delhi.

The second book of the series ‘The Morning’ also has already been published while the third book ‘The Afternoon’ is under publication. Mrs. Toi is currently writing the fourth book in the series, ‘The Evening’. All her books are available at online stores.

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