Shreya Varghese

A New Life

Shreya's life has been an eventful journey, full of ups and downs. She effortlessly made the transition from a conservative Marwari daughter to a free-spirited Malayali wife. And when fate dealt her a cruel blow, she emerged stronger, as a self-reliant single mother.

A woman is special not because she is God’s special child but because she has so many faces that she herself keeps inventing herself every day. Being born in a typical middle class orthodox Marwari family, I had a very protected life where interaction with the outside world and different cultures was only through the books and the stories which my other friends would share with me. After completing my education, I wanted to become a chef but was not supported at home so had to do humanities. The change in my life came when I met my husband and married him at the age of 24, the best decision ever! From a Marwari girl to a Mallu wife was a long journey. The good days of my life had begun. He gave me wings to explore myself and never stopped me from anything, from becoming a good cook to my friends and family, to becoming an amateur painter, to participating in and winning a car rally and the cherry on the cake ...becoming the mother to two beautiful boys. Even I never knew I could do this all. Then one day on 25th Dec 2013 lightning struck and we lost him within minutes while on a holiday just like that.
I was falling in the vortex and taking my kids with me. I was fighting with God, with myself and my family as I didn't want to fall into the old trap once again. I didn't want my wings to get clipped off.

I packed my belongings from Pune and shifted to a new city to give myself and my kids a clean slate to write new memories where old memories would not look us in the face every day. No familiar roads or faces or favourite ice cream man ...nothing. We shifted to Jaipur and I took up a job with a private firm. Life was not easy…. specially the first year when we had frequent visits to the hospital, the shrinks, everyone. But now, 3.6 years later, we remember him every day but for the good things. My kids are aged 13 and 11 today. We cook together and bake on Sundays and are reinventing each other just the way their dad would have wanted us to I have three best friends instead of one. .......

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