Rachana Seradia

Special Remains Special

Rachana Seradia is parenting a special child diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. She is appreciative of any amount of grace or help from friends to make their child's life easier.

I'm Rachana Seradia, the mother of a special kid. Well, I don't know whether my story is special or not but then I wanted to share my feelings. Before my delivery, I always used to ask God, "Why I have been given life when I don't have any aim?" I got my answer when my two month old baby was diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. We were shocked. I asked God again -
Why me and my baby? What did I do wrong?"

With time I realised that it's not my punishment it's my purpose of life. My husband and I decided that we will give our whole life to take care of him. He has Cerebral-Palsy, Cerebral-Palsy doesn't have him. We will make him a fighter. Issues started when society didn't accept him. As per society we must kill him, keep him aside, plan another baby and the famous dialogue that comes from the society is "It's our karma." And in reply, we would just say one word, "NO!" At times we cried, got frustrated with society but then too we took a step forward.

Last month my husband left his job and started his own DSA work. We are struggling with our financial conditions, but we pray to God to help us so that we can give him a better and independent life. I don't want any support for my old age we just want an independent child.
I'm proud of my baby and my life. People say, “You can't run your household. You can't take up a job.” Yes! I can't do household work or get a job because God knows I'm strong that is why he has given me a special child. He knows we can live normal lives with limited ability. God knows that we are special and we have faith for the future.
Hum honge kamyab hum kamyab ek din...
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