Priya Sawant

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Priya Sawant is a mentor, educationist and psychologist, who dedicated her life towards helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve a new level of understanding in the way people think, behave and interact. Today, she is the founder and CEO of foundation to empower women.

Mrs. Priya Sawant is a life mentor, educationist and a psychologist. She is passionate about helping people understand themselves and each other better. She is dedicated to helping individuals, families and businesses, to achieve a new level of understanding in the way people think, behave and interact. Her life purpose is to work for peace, happiness and humanity. She is a person with a very positive approach towards life. She is the founder & CEO of Leading Ladies Foundation. It's a global women leadership forum by empowered women to empower the nation.

Mrs. Priya Sawant is constantly striving hard to cultivate a “Yes, you can do it” attitude in ladies and youngsters through her motivational workshops. She has focused her efforts to support individuals from all age groups and social strata towards achieving success, peace and happiness in life. Her efforts fetched recognition recently as she was awarded the IWC, Women Achievers Award 2017 for Excellence in Inspirational Workshops for a healthy mindset.

Being an Army Officer’s wife, she considers herself fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work at various educational institutions all over India. She has interacted with people from diverse cultures, attitudes and thinking which has broadened her professional outlook. She herself was motivated and touched by the affection she received from people. She says, “If you do good for others, goodness and love is what you get in return.” She wants to promote and support every individual possible who is aspiring and willing to put necessary hard work to achieve success. Every year she tries to help underprivileged children to get support for their education by providing books stationary and fees.

She believes in performing any task with full zeal, enthusiasm and willingness to put the necessary hard work for achieving her goal. She is an advisor and consultant to NGO's, life mentor and motivational speaker.

She has worked in various institutions and organisations all over India in various capacities. She started her career as a Research Scientist at EnarChemicals, Mumbai and later in Raptakos & Brett Ltd., Mumbai. She has worked with senior scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for developing excipient formulations. She has worked as post graduate teacher, coordinator, an administrator in various educational institutes like army schools, KVS, public schools, coaching institutes etc. all over India. She was the principal of Horizon School in Pune wherein she worked hard for organisational development. She played a pivotal role in developing a positive mindset and leadership qualities in students and parents. She is an avid learner and holds a master’s degree in analytical chemistry as well as psychology. She is an alumnus of the department of management studies, IIT Delhi.

She is contributing qualitatively for women empowerment. She has conducted over hundred workshops in the past few years and constantly working for empowering students, parents, and women by her inspirational workshops. Her work is appreciated by many eminent personalities from various fields and educational Institutions. She has been a catalyst in transforming lives of many.

Her philosophy of life:
Life is all about learning and gaining knowledge, utilising it for humanity and contributing to societal development.

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