Nisha Malawat

The Crusader

From arriving in Mumbai with no money at all to adopting a girls' school, Ms. Nisha Malawat's career has been one long fight to ensure a bright future for lesser-privileged children.

I, Mrs. Nisha Malawat am a crusader in any situation. India has 440 million children. That's more than the entire population of North America (USA, Mexico and Canada put together). Every fifth child in the world is Indian. 40% of under the age of 5 years is malnourished. 50% of children do not attend school regularly. Many children do not attend school because they and their families are not aware of the importance of education and because they cannot afford education for their child.

I arrived in Mumbai with an empty pocket and lived like a poor child. I have myself undergone the turmoil of poverty. As I was well-educated, I saw the challenges of many other children around me. I immediately decided to spend my life selflessly for the future of these kids. I used my intelligence and prepared case studies, power point presentations and emotional discourses to collect donations from the well-endowed community. I was bound to succeed as my intention was selfless and helping the poor children regain their childhood.

I started by installing a portable classroom in Ambujwadi, Malwani slum. To my surprise, many children were initially admitted for pre-school education and exposure. I thereafter appointed teachers to educate them with Basic English and exposed them to the surroundings of heritage in Mumbai and other places. To make them interested in social life and interaction, I also took them to various places on picnics. As a result, I have established three such centres in three slums.

I have also adopted Diamond Girl’s High School at Malegaon, Nasik, to formally educate 1200 girls. My research of poor children in the slums has convinced me to recognize two reasons for their lack of childhood, education, and exposure as well as the unavailability of funds for the schooling of their children. As a result, the children while away their time in unproductive activities and lose all interest in education. To counter this situation, I studied that pre-school education and exposure to poor children will definitely motivate them to attend school.

I have set upon changing this dire situation which undermines and even destroys the future generation of the nation. To me, the first priority is children as they are the future generation. They will lead the society, community, and nation. If they are brought up with all modern methodology and technology, they can strive to become competent, law abiding citizens.

Moreover, there are thousands of ill children in the slums, suffering from major illness like cardiac or neurological disease. Some of these children are competent enough to become leaders in community and society. The illness of such children requires open heart surgeries or other major diseases. Being underprivileged, they cannot afford the surgeries and treatments. I promptly and meticulously support these poor children with operations in various hospitals and take care of them after the operation. So far through Abhilasha Foundation, I have been successful in supporting more than 82 poor children with major surgeries.

This is the intensive work I do with children. Besides children, I create awareness with the underprivileged women in slums. To empower them and ensure that they have a say in the future of the families and children, I strongly believe that they should generate income in one way or the other. I regularly hold meetings of such women in slums to emphasize need of working. I have established such portable rooms in the slums and provide them with assembly lines of small equipment, jewellery etc. to enable them to work and earn near their homes.

In future, I also have selfless ambitions of establishing an orphanage, a formal school and senior citizen’s home. I have increased fundraising by attracting foreign funds, approaching corporate and individuals in India and the online funding. I am very sure that in near future I shall be able to raise funds to fulfil my social endeavours and effectively be helpful to all.

Though I have started in a small way, the pleasure I get when I see the faces of children and women who are set upon a progressive life is tremendous. In my life, no other pleasure matches the pleasure of helping them. I and my NGO, Abhilasha Foundation, has set upon giving new lives to the poor children and to ensure that they embark upon a progressive career.

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