Akella Manikyamba

My mother, an inspiring personality

Armed with just a basic qualification in Sanskrit, Akella Manikyamba ensured her children got the top education. Not to be left behind, today, at 82, she is an illustrious astrologer, known for her abilities and deeds.

I am Akella Indira. I am a baby boomer born in a very orthodox Brahmin family in the 1960. I was the third child among seven. In a span of 10 years, my mother gave birth to seven children in aspiration of a male child which at last materialized as the seventh child.

My mother Akella Manikyamba was talked highly in our family circles who, in her free time, learned astrology and solicited advice to many and participated in discussions on many classical astrological points. I still remember very vividly when I get up in mid night my mother used to read out books like parasara hora - how to judge a horoscope etc. to my father. She had basic qualification in Sanskrit which she learnt from her maternal grandfather.

At a time when a girl child is married immediately after puberty. At an age of 21, she got married to the eldest son and engineer from a big family. At every stage, my mother fought for her rights and for her children.

As her children started growing up, a new problem emerged. My father used to get transfers time to time. So, she took a house in Eluru so all her daughters can study in St. Theresa’s Convent and college. She was always duty minded and did her duties very well as a daughter. She took care of her foster mother and father till the end. She took care of ailing husband as a dutiful wife and attended on him with great love and care.

She is a very loving mother. She made her eldest daughter a double Ph.D., second daughter a bank employee, third daughter a doctorate in special education and director of a corporate chain of schools, fourth daughter an AGM in Reserve Bank, fifth daughter a software engineer in Oracle corporation - Florida, sixth daughter a doctor and her son, an IAS officer. She is an illustrious astrologer and at 82, she contributes huge amounts for construction of temples, kalyana mandapams, Go seva activities, educating poor children etc. She is the most inspiring personality for me.

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