Kavita Yadav

Living Positively

Kavita Yadav is a certified parenting coach, soft-skills trainer and facilitator. She is committed to evoke a new way of living by supporting and inspiring people to stay grounded with their inner strength yet flying high in spirit.

Every woman has a unique story and a journey of her own. So do I. Life has not been too harsh on me but I have had my share of challenges. I have seen my parents struggle to keep our joint family together. My marriage, though arranged, was nothing less than a Bollywood scripted movie. A month before my wedding date, I met with an accident, and then my sister. My father fell from the roof and both his legs were fractured and with 10 days left, my mother had to be hospitalized. And there I was in the middle of all this, wondering “why?” Nevertheless, managing all the fronts – home and hospital, the wedding preparations kept on moving. I had to leave my corporate job where I was just promoted.

After marriage, I had a new family, what a feeling. However, another test of life was waiting for me. It was a premature delivery with a stillborn baby. I was devastated but could not stay in that space because when I looked around I saw my husband shattered, my parents, my in-law's, everyone was in shock. I gathered myself and said, Kavita, “You can't be like this.” I moved on taking everyone along with me with all the love, care, respect.

Today, I am blessed with two angels and have total work experience of 14 plus years. I started as a lab assistant with Datapro Computers and then joined an automobile company as a management trainee and went on to work in various sectors such as Advertising, IT and Education. Today, I am a certified soft-skills trainer and facilitator. I hold a postgraduate degree in Management along with a graduation degree in Applied Psychology (Hons). I am also certified in designing and managing Human Resource Systems.

Once again I left the corporate race after my second daughter. Initially, I was very happy, enjoying time with my daughters and family. But after being on sabbatical for almost five years, I started questioning, “What Next?” That is the time when I was meeting other mothers, homemakers, working women and listening to their stories and struggles.

And that's when "JiNa-Living Positively" was born, my Venture and which is also like my third child. The name “JiNa” is a combination of my daughters' names joined Jiya and Naisha, and it means “to live”. I embarked on this journey with a very selfish motive and that was to give a safe and secure society to my daughters irrespective of me being with them or not.

I am taking my baby steps and moving towards my dream of being a coach. Therefore, here I am, all inspired, motivated, and full of passion for supporting people, for finding solutions to their everyday challenges, be it related to parenting, career, relationships or life with family and friends. I did my certifications in Parenting Coaching, CBT and TA CDT in order to be the Picasso of my field.

In my journey from last three years, in order to establish myself and my company, my biggest finding as a woman has been that "Every woman wears the hat of a chef when she cooks for her family," a leader among her team members, a young bubbly when with her girl gang and much more. In plain simple words, we change with the changing environment. If we do not take charge of our environment by creating and controlling it then our environment controls us.
I have been recognized for my pioneering work in the Life skills arena with the designation of Global Presence Ambassador for Gurgaon, India.

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