Angela Mary Prabhu

Illustrating her way to success

Angela Mary Prabhu is an illustration blogger. She creates web comics of women all around the world. Angela also plans on starting her own merchandise line like notebooks and bookmarks with the main character in her comics.

My Wonder Girl is my own daughter "Angela Mary Vaz”. Angela, being an only child grew up watching cartoons, playing video games and drawing. She’s been drawing since she was three years old. I was always worried because she preferred to be by herself than mingle with children her own age. She was lonely, but she always kept herself occupied. Her stationery and art were her life. She grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but she wanted to pursue her studies in India. That was where she met the love of her life and best friend - Daniel. Daniel encouraged her to follow her dreams from the day he met her.

When she completed her Engineering, she married Daniel and have been together for six years and they are now settled in Bangalore with a small white Labrador whom they call Maria Sophie. Angela didn’t want a career in Computer Science. She wanted to stay at home and devote all her love and attention to her family. So, she started her own Blog about creativity and illustration. It took her nearly a year to get it off the ground and her blog ( is featured in the Top Hundred Illustration Blogs in the World by Feedspot. Aside from the blog, she also creates various illustrations for women all around the world. Two months ago, she started creating web-comics. ( This has opened many new doors in her illustrating journey. She managed to accumulate over 20,000 followers on Instagram within sixty days, with absolutely no outside help. Now, she plans on starting her own merchandise line like notebooks and bookmarks with the main character in her comics- Stray Curls.

What inspires me, are not her achievements in these two years. It’s her patience and endurance. There were many times when she did not see results. There were times, when she’d call me and cry because she could not see it working. She didn’t know if her blog would work out or she’d be worried because there were a few months during which she didn’t get enough clients to make ends meet. She’d want to give it all up and get a job just to keep things smooth, but she never did it. She always kept pursuing.

There is a deep ball of motivation buried within all the creativeness she possesses. And every time I see that fire burning in her eyes, I know an idea is born inside of her and she’s going to stop at nothing to create something wonderful again. I don’t know what the future holds for her, but I know she’s going to get whatever she wants because she never accepts defeat.

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