M Vani

Where there is a will, there is always a way

M. Vani managed to drive away every obstacle that came her way. Despite being financially constrained, she valiantly supported her family and promised them a better future.

I was born into a Brahmin Family in Bangalore. I lost my mother at the age of six and my father at the age of 12. I also lost my two brothers and three sisters who were elder to me and were taking care of the family after my parent's death. We had to starve for many days. When I was 15 years old, I started giving private tuitions to the students to support my family. Initially, I joined as an office assistant in one of the institutions. There was nobody to encourage or support. My IQ level, handwork, honesty and efficiency in work were recognised by my superiors and I received verbal appreciations. My vast experience in the work field helped me to climb the career ladder, step by step. I did not want to accept my defeat in the field of education, just because I was financially unstable.

Despite all odds, I did not give up. There is a saying "Where there is a will, there is a way" and I got inspired by this proverb to succeed in life. Therefore, I took a bold decision to pursue higher education by attending evening college in Bangalore. Being financially constrained, I approached Reverend Father D’Costa, the then Principal of the college and appealed to him to grant a free scholarship to me and my younger sister. After examining our family background, scholarship was granted to both of us for all the three years. It was challenging task for me. I had to balance office work, higher studies, and family members. I had no specific dreams in my life but wanted to pursue my higher education. I performed well in my academics, sports and I was also adjudged as the best student in the stream of Political Science by the institution and I received this award from Shri Sangliana, former Commissioner of Police. I came out of the college successfully with a degree certificate. Further, I attended College of Education and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a reputed college. I had to devote all my time for assignments with continuous preparations and had to forego my sleep many nights due to a hectic schedule.

Today I have been elevated to the post of Administrator because I was always focused on my work and proved myself to the organisation that I am an able administrator in guiding and coordinating the work of seven institutions. I had also taken the responsibility of my two sisters to get them married and to settle their lives. Administrative skills, analytical ability, performing good deeds, counselling the needy, planning and execution, preparing speeches, event management, drafting skills are my strength. Presently, I and my brother - who is sick - are staying together and own the responsibility of my aged brother. If God favours me with good health till the end, I intend to extend support to the family and do some social work. I remain grateful to the almighty for blessing me with exceptional mental and physical strength and for being all along with me to perform good deeds in my life.

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