Shivi Kapil

Dreaming of a world without stillbirths

Shivi is the Founder and Director of Empathy Design Labs. She has designed solutions which will provide alerts on time for fetal health during pregnancy and risk of stillbirth which is one major issues faced by developing countries.

Shivi Kapil is a 29-year old User Centric Design Researcher by passion and profession. She was raised by amazing parents in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh along with her two other sisters and a brother. Her father is Retd. Deputy S.P and mother is Retd. Principal from Govt. Girls Inter College Hastinapur. She spent her childhood in a family where womanhood is celebrated. She with her three sisters were the priorities of their family where her parents always encouraged her to only do better in life. Both of her parents were working and hence her mindset was to always do something big in her life. She has Electronics Engineering degree from Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut (2003-2007) and then went ahead to pursue her Master’s degree in User Experience Design from the National Institute of Design, India (2009-2011).

Her skills and interests include leading user research and interaction design for healthcare and medical technologies. Shivi has six plus years of work experience in medical technologies and healthcare research. She has worked with Philips Research, M4ID-Finland, WHO, UNICEF, Gates Foundation etc. Currently, she is working with BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India under BIRAC Social Innovation Immersion Program (SIIP 2015-17). She is currently conducting research on an Innovative solution for “Pregnant Mother” which can avoid the risk of stillbirth in India and other developing countries. She is Founder & Director of her healthcare start-up - Empathy Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. which is a registered company in Uttar Pradesh and incubated in Bangalore, India. She is also selected as “Youth Champion” from India to go to San Francisco in May 2017 to attend the Health care program there.

Why is she interested in solving the problem of “stillbirths?"

Last year in October 2015, She got selected as social immersion innovation fellow by Department of Biotechnology from India. This fellowship was designed to solve maternal and child care problem. Shivi travelled across India during her BIRAC SIIP fellowship under Government of India. During her field research in tribal areas, rural areas, and hospital/clinics (across Karnataka, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha) she observed a problem of stillbirth across all areas be it urban and rural areas. Stillbirth means when a baby dies inside mother’s womb before delivery. She looked at the literature and found that as per WHO report, 2.6 Million stillbirths occur across the world due to subjective delay in reporting the reasons for abnormal pregnancy parameters. This means 7000 plus stillbirths every day. 98% of these stillbirths take place in developing countries like India. She also noticed and validated a huge need for a solution for pregnancy monitoring because of poor ANC (Antenatal Checkup data) records in these states.

Shivi has designed a solution which will provide alerts on time for referral in case of abnormality of fetal health during pregnancy. The device is also expected to encourage mothers for better ANC and early screening of pregnancy. She has combined her electronics engineering and product design skills to come up with a product idea which has multiple sensors to monitor the pregnancy. She has won many awards for her ideas, which are designed in this short journey. She is looking forward to future with bright eyes and is committed to designing more solutions for mother and child care, elderly Care and youth in India.

Here is a list of Awards, Shivi has received.
• USAID - CAM Tech Jugadathon Healthcare, Winner 2015
• IDDS Aarogyam- MIT D Lab, Boston in July 2015
• BIRAC -SIIP Fellowship 2015-2017 - Healthcare
• UNESCO International Innovation Award, PARIS 2015 - Official Selection
• Villgro Innovation, IIT D Madras - Entrepreneur in residence 2015-2017
• VIWA awards 2017 - Young woman in Design- Healthcare
• NFED AWARD 2017- Young woman in Healthcare
• Finalist - YCI 2017, San Francisco, California
• FICCI FLO UP AWARD WINNER 2017 – Outstanding Woman in Healthcare and medicine
• TOP 26 Women Entrepreneurs from India – WE Can by Cherie Blair Foundation and US embassy
• NIDHI PRAYAS GRANT – Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India – IIT Kanpur, 2017
• BIRAC BIG grant – Finalist 2017

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