Shilpa Bajaj

The Thoughtful Daughter

Shilpa was backed by her father to become a CA. His constant encouragement helped her become an independent woman who could fund her own wedding.

We live in a society where a ‘Son’ is treated as an ‘Asset’ and ‘Daughter’ is treated as a ‘Liability’. The major reason behind this is due to big fat weddings and expenses behind which are borne by fathers for their daughter's marriage.

I am very much thankful to my dad who made me capable by investing in me. This led me to become a Chartered Accountant. My dad allowed me to work and become an independent woman by going against the society. Last year, I got married and I am proud that I could help him financially using my savings to fund my so called ‘Big Fat Wedding.’

I am glad to have such an encouraging and supportive dad. Because of my dad, I am what I am today. My dad is the one who treated me equal to a son and proved to society that ‘Daughters are equal to Sons.’

I’m sure my dad is proud of me as I am proud of having a father like him.

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