Pooja Mishra

Imparting the Gift of Education

Pooja Mishra, an IIM graduate, opted to not pursue a corporate career after her MBA, and instead, started a school named "Gurukul Public School" that offers free education to underprivileged kids. Gurukul began with 28 students in 2012 and now has 984 students. She believes in guiding the children onto a completely unique path with education as a tool.

Pooja Mishra is an IIM Calcutta graduate and after her MBA, she opted out of the placement process to start a school for the underprivileged children in a village in UP. She offers free education to almost 1000 children and gives them hope of a better life. She believes that education alone has the potential to truly change the life of child or person. Her belief comes from the fact that she herself comes from a village and because of her education she got an opportunity to work in MNCs and across the globe. She has worked in the US for almost six years and returned to India to join the two-year MBA program at IIM Calcutta.

Initially, she had planned to go back to the corporate world post her MBA just like everyone else. But during the course of time, she discovered the other side of herself. She wanted to get back to her roots. Her roots in her village were calling her back. She realized how privileged she had been due to this gift of education that her parents gave her and that so many of the children are still denied of this simple privilege. She wanted to somehow correct this and the best way she could think of was setting up of a school named “Gurukul Public School” in Purasi village of Raebareli district in UP.

Gurukul Public School is a charitable school providing free English medium education to rural underprivileged children through one on one mentorship and sponsorship accomplished socially conscious individuals across the world. This model not only makes quality education accessible to even the most underprivileged children but also opens their horizons to global opportunities through their mentors. At the same time, it also gives the opportunity for the mentors to connect back and discover the joy of giving by guiding their children onto a completely different life path.

Gurukul is a dream! A dream set in the belief that if given the right opportunity and education every child can flourish and can overcome social barriers of our society. Gurukul is a dream to spread the gift of education to the millions of children who languish without proper education in the far-flung villages of Uttar Pradesh, India, where there are building in the name of schools but neither teachers to teach nor education. With this dream, Pooja Mishra started Gurukul with 28 students in 2012 and now has 984 students.

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