Sophia Antonysamy

Succeeding against all odds

Sophia is one of those women who has turned around cliched ordinary moments into a success story.

Being extraordinary does not necessarily come out of the blue. It is turning around those cliched ordinary moments into a success.

As ordinary as it could be, I did my MBA, worked for few years and then married an NRI to move to USA. Like every young woman, I entered my new life and new country with full of dreams and aspirations. Disappointments emerged through various societal pressures and regulations. But on one fine day, I just woke up and decided that I am no way going to reach the end without trying, without turning around and without seeing success.

My love for writing made me a blogger. I pursued higher studies along with taking care of my new born. I stepped out for volunteering. And just followed my heart to do things that I loved. Worked hard without expecting any fame or money. After a few years and two kids, I could step into the banking sector once again. Surprisingly I turned out to be a top performer in a short amount of time.

Success is measured differently for different people. I personally feel that anyone who turns an ordinary life into an extraordinary one is successful. Many entrepreneurs, athletes and other achievers inspire me. And I am sure I am going to be on that page pretty soon. But as of now, I am investing in myself and will be turning those ordinary moments into an extraordinary ones, to inspire many and to create my own success story!

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