Noorjhan Shaikh

The super mumma

Noorjhan is a homemaker who let go of her dreams to support her family. She successfully managed to educate her children and give them a better life.

Shabnam was the eldest daughter of a junior engineer who has seven children from a conservative Muslim family. She had her set of the responsibilities. Her parents got her married at the age of 13. She sacrificed her feelings, her education, her parents, her dreams. She was unaware of what her parents did to her; she was in 9th grade when she left her education for her younger siblings. She had a strong will power and she never looked back. Noorjhan promised herself that what her parents could not do for her she will do for herself.

At the age of 15, she delivered twins. She made sure whatever happened to her she will not let it happen to her children. After some years, she became the mother of a daughter and a son but she was never partial. With the help of her husband, they worked very hard for their children. Bringing up four children in limited salary was not joke. She gave all the support to her children. This affected her health but she did not stop. What she achieved is all three daughters are doctors, the twins are anaesthetist working in government sector, and her son is a gold medallist engineer pursuing business.

In my view, she is a big achiever, a wonder woman, she did everything she could for her children she is none other than my mother. I love her.

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