Atmoja Bose

I am a winner!

Atmoja Bose believes that knowledge is the only way towards enlightenment. She is a successful linguist and proud mother who never gave up on her education even after her marriage.

Cannot understand where to start but trying to portray my life is difficult because life is indeed an uneven event. I got married when I was 16. However, I never gave up I completed my 10th with an outstanding mark. My father was suffering from cancer. Because I was the eldest, I had responsibilities. I got pregnant after my 12th. Then I became a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. I continued my graduation.

I scored 80 ℅ and became university topper then finished my Master's and passed with first class from University of Calcutta, got gold medal. Right now, I am the doctoral fellow of Calcutta University and work as an independent researcher all over the world. I am a Russian expert, a successful linguist and a proud mother. I do not have any regrets because for me knowledge is the only way towards enlightenment. I always tell my 7-year-old daughter to believe in you, only that matters.

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