Bhanumathi Nagamanickam

Born To Go Against The Flow

To say that thousands of students were motivated by Bhanumathi, it won’t be an exaggeration. When she’s not making a difference in the lives of her students, she plays a leading role in creating social awareness.

Everyone is inspired by someone or the other. There may be many great personalities, scholars, trend setters and philosophers. But, for me, my mother is the single source of inspiration. Her influence is enormous on me. I wish to narrate the story of my mother, Dr. Mrs.N. Bhanumathi, a retired professor and administrator who has put in nearly 37 long years of noble service.
My mother hails from an agricultural family in Tamil Nadu which cherishes all cultural values. She was raised by her paternal aunt Tmt. Deivanai Perumal, an indomitable lady and embodiment of sacrifice. She was her source of inspiration and help. Since she evinced keen interest in studies right from her girlhood, she was directed to pursue English Literature, their dream subject. Learning has become her passion. Yes, she was born to go against the flow.

Society did not want a girl to go for higher education in those days. Undeterred by many protests and her poor ailing health, she had determined to pursue her studies.
My mother, an associate professor and head, undertook many challenging tasks during her tenure. Only a motivated teacher can motivate students. If I say thousands of students were motivated by her, it won’t be an exaggeration. Her flawless words and impeccable speeches have inspired various gatherings. She took a leading role in many rallies to create social awareness against usage of plastic, to harvest rainwater and planting trees. Deeply religious, she has made many contributions to various temples

Her relentless service was acknowledged by many medals and awards. She was awarded the ‘Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Gold Medal’ award by the Global economic progress and Research Association, New Delhi. She has won first prize in a national level poem writing competition. Conducted by Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa charitable Trust.“Everyday learning something new”, she frequently quips. She would like to work until death embraces her.

My mother is a small quick figure with an unfaltering voice which captivates the gathering of students. She is a decisive person who takes all her decisions by herself. She is a lover of freedom and individual liberty. She has an intuitive perception and she strongly believes in God.
Life is not a bed of roses. With her boundless love and affection, she keeps the family intact under any circumstances. She is the sole breadwinner and she sacrifices her life for the upbringing and upliftment of her two daughters. Her role and how she manages to perform defies rational explanation. Dad, the love of her life is always with her through thick and thin. He is the sole admirer and is at the back of all her efforts. Two perfectly behaved daughters are her sole consolation who cooperate in all her pursuits with great zeal. Presently, two grand children have come to expect the same sort of love and guidance from her.

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