Vidya Iyer

I will handle it

After a tough start in life,Vidya reinvented herself into a powerhouse. Her mantra is, “I will handle it.” Today, she is happily living the life she always dreamed of.

This is a small story about my wife Vidya. Her initial years were tough, her mother passed away when she was 14. She had a sister to look after. She also had to complete her college and take care of her. With a failed marriage behind her and pregnant, it was difficult for her after the divorce. Meanwhile, she gave birth to baby boy. There were both, joy and tears in her eyes, as the boy had no father. Now, her father had to go for a heart surgery. She along with her sister weathered that period. Father had a successful operation. She then decided to work to give her son a good education. She started looking for a job.

She is commerce graduate and Inter CA. She initially started with a small salary and then joined a specializing in commercial real estate services. She used to send her little boy to crèche. The boy who was in need of his mother and at this tender age would cry initially but slowly he started spending time in the crèche. My wife Vidya always says the woman in crèche were so nice that they used to look after him nicely. She also described an experience that happened to her. A man stalked her for months and since she was a divorcee, it was assumed that, she is one who is craving for a man in her life or that she will grab the first opportunity that comes along. Nothing can be more wrong, there are many single mothers who are happily bringing up their children.
She had moments where she felt bouts of self-pity. She says, “Of course, you do sometimes, especially when you are fresh out of your divorce, and there are happy couples around you." The reaction of the people regarding you and your status in the society changes overnight. People pity you, your children, your parents, grandparents even your own family sometimes, they blame you, call you a woman of no morals, even call you incapable of handling them because of your divorce.” Meanwhile, the son started studying and his grades were equally appreciable. I respect Vidya for being a mother and a father until her son was 10. She got a good job in a multinational company in BKC. She travelled from Dombivli to Kurla every day in the mad rush of the suburban local train.

Then in between 2014-15, I met her and we decided to get married. The initial phase was tough for the child and her for them to adjust but eventually, they did. When my mother was hospitalized, she handled the situation very nicely. As in every household there are fights, we fight a lot. She does all the household chores and cooks for everyone. I salute her for fighting spirit, as she ensures everything goes well before she leaves for work. I am proud of her for being what a woman is supposed to be - a separate and independent entity. Today also, she ensures that all our needs are taken care of. All she says, "I will handle it." I feel she is wonder woman I met, and she beside me as an example of a true woman.

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