Indu Bala Saini

Never Gives Up

Owing to her hard work, dedication and commitment to job, Indu overcame all obstacles that entailed with being a single woman.

No matter how strong a woman may be but her struggle to be successful in male dominated Indian society is not an easy journey.
This is story about Indu (Indu Bala Saini), who grew up surrounded by people migrated from Pakistan after unfortunate partition of the country in resettlement area of NIT, Faridabad. Indu completed her graduation with self-support and started her career in media which was full of uncertainties. Just one act of a colleague on a wrong news turned her life upside down and she was subject to humiliation from all quarters including family, friends and relatives. She left her job and confined herself to a room. The next 4-5 years of her life were like hell, without job and money.

However despite all odds and losing hope to get married at prime age, she never felt lost and kept thinking to rise again. She took admission in B. Ed but could not complete it, as she thought to make her career in education in another city to overcome trauma. Low salary accompanied by health problems due to stress, made her life miserable. Parents were not able to help and her brother came as a savior to pay hospital bills. Indu had to start job in marketing department of a housekeeping company at meagre salary to manage living. This was the time when she was so scared to face the people, however her boss insisted to work in marketing after going through her past experience in media. She did not take help from any of her acquaintances and started journey in unchartered territory with new set of people. Indu’s hard work crossed every hurdle notwithstanding marketing job demands long hours while traveling in public transport viz. bus, local train in NCR and reaching late at home. She tasted success in just months’ time and keep getting new orders for the company but without rewards for incremental efforts.

While working for housekeeping company, an IAS officer recognized talent in her and persuaded her to start own business. She started housekeeping and facility management business all alone, in the new millennium city of Gurgaon living in a one room rented accommodation by putting her entire life saving on stake. Owing to her hard work, dedication and commitment to job she overcame all obstacle endowed due to being a single woman without adequate finance. Worked hard day and night, twenty four by seven for 10 years and now she owns her own office, residence and company having an annual turnover of Rs. 5 crore. Her work area spread across NCR and beyond with workforce of ~400 working under her leadership.

She learned from her experiences that don’t think what people talk about you, just follow your heart, trust yourself and no job is small. One must unshackle bond of limits and try new path of life while keeping faith in God and humanity. She co-founded an NGO, ‘WESS’ 4 years back along with some professional friends, which is actively working in NCR region to help destitute women.

I am sharing Indu’s inspiring story for the benefit of women who consider that life has come to an end and no hope is left.

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