Sneh Lata Varshney

My Mom, My Inspiration

Sneh Lata Varshney was a simple homemaker. However, after her husband’s death, she faced a lot of hurdles single handedly. From taking up a job in a bank to bringing up and educating her three children, she is truly a woman of substance and an inspiration to all.

I have met so many women in my life till now; though every woman is inspirational in her own way, I want to share a story of a woman who is not just a mother or only a woman, but a sister, single mother, breadwinner and a friend to her children. She is an epitome of emotions and practical decisions. Here I am talking about my mother. Until my father died, she was a homemaker, but after that she has become everything.

It has been a very long journey for her, having three children and being a widow she crossed all hurdles in her life and made herself independent. She gave her children the best education and always tried to solve all their problems and issues by herself. I have seen my mommy working hard with each passing day. She is also working as a cashier in a bank. She took practical decisions and sent her children away to give them the best education in order to make them self-dependent.

She is graceful, she is dignified, she is self -dependent, she is strength, she is working day and night to make her children's future safe, she is multitasking, she is lovable, she is everything. I am saying all this not because she is my mother, but because she is a woman of inspiration. Being her daughter, I have learnt a lot from her and I have lots more to learn.

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