Sanjeeta Singh Negi

Passion for Sustainable Development

With a degree in Sustainable International Development, Sanjeeta is environment conscious. She has made it her mission to spread awareness about the importance of fitness and keeping the country clean.

I acquired my Masters Degree in Sustainable International Development from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, USA. My academic focus was on qualitative and quantitative analysis of technical aspects and strategic development plans of watershed assessment through community participation inclusive of gender. Previously, I secured a post- graduate degree in Agricultural Meteorology from The Regional Meteorological Training Centre (RMTC) in Bet Dagan, Israel. I have 26 years of field work experience in rainwater harvesting and its prudent use to benefit agriculture and reduce suffering from rural poverty. We revive traditional water resources in the villages. I have worked in Milk Co-operatives and Tree Growers Co-operatives for 14 years. Now I provide consultancy services in this field. I was also Founder Chairman for the National Organisation for Sustainable Development, India.

At the age of 50, my focus on life has changed. Now I want to contribute towards making people health conscious and happy. I believe fitness and work for nature goes hand in hand. I am an avid cyclist, ultra runner and a mountaineer. I cycled from Nepal to Kailash Mansarovar in the year 2013, climbed Mount Stok Kangri (6153 mts., 20100 ft.) situated in Leh Laddakh in the year 2015, and did a Basic Mountaineering course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) Darjeeling at the age of 48 in 2014.

I cycled from Ahmedabad to New Delhi, i.e. 1000 kms. at the age of 51 with a mission to make people aware about ‘how to make their Home Zero Waste’ - by three simple ways i.e. segregation of waste at home, turning kitchen waste to manure through compost and giving dry waste to ragpickers or kabadiwalas ( waste collectors) for recycling. Daily, I cycled 100 kms. In winter, from 2nd January to 11th January 2017. Every 100 kms, I conducted workshops on disposing of waste in schools, clubs, housing societies and municipalities and got a very good response from the people. I was the pioneer in teaching about composting in Gujarat. I received the ‘Green Warrior Award for this mission. Clean India is a national goal and this can only be achieved if every citizen of India plays his role.

I am working to sensitise our society about the role of ragpickers in our waste management. Ragpickers are the people who pick recyclable items from our waste and sell it for recycling. Instead of mixing our waste, people should segregate their waste and give dry waste to ragpickers. There is a need to understand that keeping our society and city clean is not only the responsibility of the municipality but ours too.

My aim is to make people aware about fitness and to ensure peace and welfare of people and animals. I take care of street dogs as I feel they are part of our society. I take any injured dog I see to Jeev Daya Trust which gives free services to street animals. I sensitise people about the welfare of animals.

Last, but not least, I do dream of climbing Mount Everest one day and going on a world tour on cycle.

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