Reshma Mathew

The Electrifying Diva

Reshma is an electrical engineer who began her career in 1981 at the Goa Electricity Department. Having served the company for 36 years, she is the first female superintendent in male dominated workforce. She is truly a woman who is constantly breaking stereotypes and is an inspiration for all.

To speak of my mother’s achievements, I have to speak of when her journey began, way back in 1981. She was the first female electrical engineer to join the Goa Electricity Department. Unlike in 2017, back in the 1980’s women and engineering was an odd combination.

Surrounded by male bosses, male colleagues and yes... male subordinates, she made a name for herself as an honest, duty bound engineer of the department. A few years back, I once asked her, “Mom how do you feel about being the lone woman executive engineer in a male dominated workforce?” And she replied in her nonchalant manner, “You know, I try not to think about it and focus on my work.”

Today, in 2017 after completing 36 long years in the Goa Electricity Department, I feel very proud to say that my mother is the first female Superintendent Engineer (Planning and Commercial) and is the second in charge after the Chief Engineer.

So, on days that my sister, brother or me, feel uninspired; we just wait for our mom to come home. For us, she personifies inspiration as she has worked against all odds and excelled in a male dominated workforce while being an excellent mother to us.

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