Rachna Mehra

A Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for Change

Rachna is a certified instructor from Theta Institute of Knowledge, USA. Through her practice of Theta healing, she wishes to help people self transform, heal them and re-program their beliefs.

In today’s era, when people are tired of their hectic life, jam packed schedules, vanishing minimalism and stress playing havoc, I am a ‘Soul catalyst’, attempting to not only withstand all the chaos but also to heal others. My penchant to serve and heal the people makes me a mediator of the ultimate truth, God.

Honoured with a Certificate of Science, a Master Instructor Theta Healing® from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA changed the voyage of my life. From a demure graduate in Business Communication from HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad, I am proud to have become what I am today - Spiritual Stylist, one of 100 Women Achievers of India honoured by Hon. President of India & Ministry of Women and Child Development in the category of Healthcare & Wellness.

Born in a religious family, it was always my desire to know the power of the creator. Nurtured by the ViannaStibal, a legend in Theta Healing®, I am now, myself, a certified instructor from Theta Institute of Knowledge, USA. I am also an active contributor to ‘Inner Voice’ column in Hindustan Times. I have been awarded by Ishma, Mumbai for Par Excellence in Theta Healing. One of my greatest achievements is being part of the shoot by Google on Women’s Day- One Day I’LL.

Through my practice of Theta healing, I edify the philosophy of unconditional love and to acclimatize oneself to forget and forgive the enemy. With the sole support of my family, I attend clients, heal them through my workshops and healing sessions and sublime my satisfaction. The objective of these sessions is to help people self transform, heal them and re-programme their beliefs. Practising since the year 2006, my compassion for those in need has given me the ability to be titled as a passionate healer, intuitive and an instructor.

I have held more than 100 seminars over the last 9 years across Delhi, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Vadodara as well as internationally in London, USA and Canada. My workshops and healing sessions have touched the lives of over 1000 clients and more who are willing to embark upon what I like to call the 3E program: Education Experience and Enlightenment The practice has helped my students and clients to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. I've supported many women, men & children in overcoming their childhood beliefs to go on to create meaningful, joyful and successful lives.
My goal is to touch as many lives as I can, to empower the next generation of children and give the women of today the strength to have the courage to be what they want to be. My monthly workshops, seminars, individual healing sessions and motivation talks will be the main medium and I am proud to be touching and improving lives.

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